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  1. Article outlining the application of the charter cities concept to the development of resilient cities in risk prone countries.
  2. 'One of the broad conclusions of this report is that it is important to take a wide view of DRR law and regulation in Nepal, so that many elements of what may be termed ‘good governance’ towards planned and sustainable development are an integral part of the legal framework for DRR.'
  3. This report from an APEC workshop on the topic recognizes that Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) play a fundamental role in building resilience in APEC member economies and highlights a set of principles to guide collaborative partnerships on resilience across all levels of government, the nongovernment sector, business and individuals.
  4. This note identifies and articulates in practical terms what has (or has not) been done by local governments in addressing climate change, and what can be done to improve outcomes from this interface.
  5. A report of the Risk Response Network of the World Economic Forum that contains some very good analysis and illustration of risk issues, and particularly the nexuses of interaction between different risk factors.
  6. Briefing paper which highlights key lessons from past urban responses to guide local authorities, national governments, international agencies, the private sector, and community organisations in approaching the challenges of addressing and responding to disaster risks in urban environments.

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