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  1. Article about launch of the Sino-Africa Red Cross and Red Crescent Forum through which the China Red Cross is providing support to Red Cross national societies in Africa.
  2. Collaborative community for FEMA stakeholders to suggest and respond to ideas about emergency preparedness, disaster response and recovery, and other emergency management topics.
  3. Guide to participatory recovery planning. Useful points include the notion of "thinking big", exploring multiple options for driving recovery, and identifying the "recovery value" for each option.
  4. Blog essay outlining innovative and visionary community recovery planning in response to the April 20, 2004 tornado in North Utica, Illinois. Includes interesting details about effort to bring together diverse funding sources to support the recovery plan.
  5. The Catalysts for Change game is an online game to engage people around the world to reimagine the future of poverty and global well-being. The goal? Identify a thousand new paths out of poverty in just 48 hours of gameplay with hundreds of players from all walks of life. Game takes place 3-5 April, 2012.
  6. The Red Cross and Dell have launched a Digital Operations Center to better share safety and preparedness tips for disasters.
  7. This report from an APEC workshop on the topic recognizes that Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) play a fundamental role in building resilience in APEC member economies and highlights a set of principles to guide collaborative partnerships on resilience across all levels of government, the nongovernment sector, business and individuals.
  8. A Consortium of ADB, IFRC, UNDP, UNOCHA, UNISDR, and World Bank was formed in May 2009 to support the Government of Nepal in designing and implementing a comprehensive set of flagship disaster risk reduction initiatives.
  9. Overview of a project project to develop anopen-source cloud-based search engine for evaluation and lessons learned data in order to ensure quick access to relevant information in operational contexts.
  10. A website which 'site details the efforts of InterAction members and others in the NGO community to help those affected by the earthquake and assist Haiti with its recovery'. The site is also developing a Food Security Aid Map which is due to be released in March 2011.

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