The Basics

  1. You can go to DRRlibrary and search on items that have already been 'tagged'.
  2. You can also click on the register link at the top to make an account and start adding your own bookmarks.
  3. Once you have an account, you can bookmark a particular web page or document by going to DRRlibrary and clicking on 'add a bookmark' once you are logged in. Then you just fill in the web address, tags and other information.

A little further ...

Drag one of the following bookmarklets to your browser's bookmarks and click it whenever you want to add the page you are on to DRRlibrary:

In Internet Explorer right click the bookmarklet link and click 'Add to Favorites ...'. Save it in the Links folder and make sure that the Links toolbar is turned on in the View-->Toolbars menu.

In Firefox, you can drag the the bookmarklet up to your Bookmarks toolber (remeber to make sure the toolbar is turned on in the View-->Toolbars menu.

About DRRlibrary