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  1. An article reviewing progress to date in Haiti's reconstruction and the impediments that have prevented faster progress and greater service to those displaced by the earthquake.
  2. Article highlighting the short-term and long-term housing challenges in the Hurricane Sandy response and recovery.
  3. Article analyzing the long-term impact Housing expo organized to infrom post-earthquake housing design.
  4. Article about community based reconstruction project in Ravine Pintade supported by USAID and CHF.
  5. Competition to design and develop prototypes for flood relief.
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  6. Article that mentions impacts of March 11 earthquake on condominium demand in Tokyo.
  7. Tool to analyze future post-disaster shelter recovery needs in relation to flood risk as well as to manage information about on-going risks after a disaster and their implications for shelter planning.
  8. Article about how the New York Fire Department is reconsidering some long-held ideas on how to fight fires in response to changes in furnishings which are causing faster burning and hotter fires.
  9. 'Compendium of actions undertaken in G20 and other countries to protect their populations and assets against losses from adverse natural events. It also outlines how the G20, the World Bank, and other international partners can play an increased role in cooperating with national and local authorities on the challenges set out in the report.'
  10. Books and manuals from UNNATI Organization for Development Education.

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