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  1. Article on FEMA efforts to add Connecticut residents to its staff supporting Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts as part of FEMA’s overall recovery strategy.
  2. Article on cost-benefit implications of protecting electricity infrastructure pre-disaster vs. post disaster reconstruction.
  3. Review of US Internal Revenue Code tax relief provisions that apply to taxpayers affected by natural hazards.
  4. An article that 'looks at regional employment patterns following four past disasters—Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and the earthquake in Northridge, California—to gauge how the economic recovery from superstorm Sandy might play out.'
  5. Article on California's efforts to monitor progress based on a law passed on Jan. 1 to charge industries across the economy for the greenhouse gases they emit.
  6. Website of the Soul of Haiti Foundation whose mission is to empower Haitian communities to create success through relationships with a community of Irish entrepreneurs.
  7. Report on cost benefit case studies for DRR conducted by the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition.
  8. Guide to participatory recovery planning. Useful points include the notion of "thinking big", exploring multiple options for driving recovery, and identifying the "recovery value" for each option.

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