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  1. Climate-Eval.org is the online platform of the Climate-Eval community of practice. It is a venue for members to share information on the latest development on the evaluation of climate change and development interventions.
  2. Paper proposing the design of a 'Bretton Woods Climate Institution'.
  3. Article outlining the application of the charter cities concept to the development of resilient cities in risk prone countries.
  4. Study on the impact of a program that combined a traditional safety net with enhancement of households’ ex-ante risk management though income diversification.
  5. 'This OECD Environment Working Paper ... draw[s] upon growing bodies of experience with the development and implementation of tools designed to screen for climate change risks and facilitate adaptation. They explore the extent to which these tools are meeting user needs, and whether opportunities exist for streamlining the tools landscape.'
  6. This guide provides a brief introduction to key physical impacts of climate change on estuaries and a review of onthe- ground adaptation options available to coastal managers to reduce their systems’ vulnerability to climate change impacts.
  7. This paper presents an approach to quantifying current and future city-wide flood risks to Ho Chi Minh City and notes that the influence of planned urban developments to the year 2025 on future flood risk is likely to be significantly greater than that of projected sea-level rise to the year 2100.
  8. Website set up by a group of leading climate scientists to answer questions and provide rapid, high-quality information about climate science to media and government.
  9. Online training course from the Center for Sustainable Development.

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