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  1. An article reviewing progress to date in Haiti's reconstruction and the impediments that have prevented faster progress and greater service to those displaced by the earthquake.
  2. Article analyzing the long-term impact Housing expo organized to infrom post-earthquake housing design.
  3. Website of the Soul of Haiti Foundation whose mission is to empower Haitian communities to create success through relationships with a community of Irish entrepreneurs.
  4. Article about community based reconstruction project in Ravine Pintade supported by USAID and CHF.
  5. Children's book written by Lucy Bromer and Caroline Crowley as their Master’s thesis while studying social work and disaster mental health at Tulane University. The book is intended to promote conversation and understanding among children who have lived through the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Tri-lingual version in Creole, French, and English.
  6. Summary observations by Ian Davis of reconstruction progress following the Haiti Earthquake of January 12 2010.

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