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  1. Social Capital Assessment Tool (SOCAT)The SOCAT is a multifaceted instrument designed to collect social capital data at the household, community and organizational levels. It is an integrated quantitative/qualitative tool.
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  3. 'Compendium of actions undertaken in G20 and other countries to protect their populations and assets against losses from adverse natural events. It also outlines how the G20, the World Bank, and other international partners can play an increased role in cooperating with national and local authorities on the challenges set out in the report.'
  4. Data visualization service that builds on the Trendalyzer tool developed by Hans Rosling. Includes data sets from the World Bank, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, World Resources Institute, and others.
  5. Objective of the series is to increase knowledge about M&E systems through a regular series of papers focusing on the design, implementation and use of M&E information by governments and civil society based on best practice experiences.
  6. Report which analyzes the current context for disaster risk financing in Indonesia and presents options for a national disaster risk financing strategy.
  7. A Consortium of ADB, IFRC, UNDP, UNOCHA, UNISDR, and World Bank was formed in May 2009 to support the Government of Nepal in designing and implementing a comprehensive set of flagship disaster risk reduction initiatives.

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