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  1. A review by the World Bank Operations Evaluation Department of the Citizen Report Cards initiative in Bangalore which finds that the report cards have been an important vehicle for civil society’s “voice” in Bangalore.
  2. Overview of the use of municipal bonds by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to undertake critical projects to improve water infrastructure.
  3. Infomration system developed by the Government of Bihar with support from the World Bank agreed as part of a broader water sector partnership and action plan.
  4. An official website for the district that provides up to date information on relief and response activities and other relevant information, including information about the disaster management department in Saharsa.
  5. 'This paper attempts to quantify the ill-effects of covariate shocks such as natural disasters on the sustainability of microfinance.'
  6. Article examining efforts of AIG and other insurance companies to expand their sales to countires in the developing world.
  7. This paper is a collaboration between the Government of India and UNDP to review lessons on knowledge management based on experience in responding to disasters in India.
  8. Broad set of evaluations conducted by ECHO including ones focused on disaster preparedness, risk reduction, and recovery.

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