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  2. Article highlighting the short-term and long-term housing challenges in the Hurricane Sandy response and recovery.
  3. Tool to analyze future post-disaster shelter recovery needs in relation to flood risk as well as to manage information about on-going risks after a disaster and their implications for shelter planning.
  4. Summary observations by Ian Davis of reconstruction progress following the Haiti Earthquake of January 12 2010.
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  6. Topographic map showing areas of settlement in and around Port-au-Prince as well as maps of buildng damage, temporary shetler sites, and road blockages.
  7. Review of the Kabul Area Shelter and Settlement (KASS) Project. "By providing shelters in an urban environment, existing resources were able to be consolidated and improved, people were able to live in areas close to employment and family, and not relegated to satellite suburbs or cities where they could feel displaced and separate from the community".
  8. Collection of cases from post-disaster shelter projects from recent years, including a selection from the last 40 years taken from the CUNY archives. (Warning: MASSIVELY LARGE FILE)
  9. Focusing on settlement and shelter, this paper examines 4 areas: (i) safety, security, and livelihoods; (ii) how post-disaster settlement and shelter could have an improved connection with permanent housing and communities; (iii) fairness and equity; and (iv) connecting relief and development by tackling root causes of vulnerability.

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