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  1. Article about a recent report by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection finding that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 or more could render unlivable as many as 85 percent of the city’s “soft-story” apartment buildings.
  2. The Centre's Disaster Studies and Management programme covers socio-economic vulnerability to disasters and disaster management (principally mitigation and preparedness).
  3. Program of IDRC's Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) inviting combined research and capacity building proposals that address the vulnerabilities of Africa’s urban centres to climate change.
  4. Munich Re announced the establishment of a bond program amounting to $1.5 billion for the transfer of extreme mortality risk to the capital markets.
  5. 21-10-2008 to , , by mpetal
  6. Web site featuring a collection of searchable Disaster Risk Management (DRM) City Profiles and Disaster Risk Management Sound Practices as well as a collection of other key references and documents for urban decision makers, city planners, residents and others who can contribute to the reduction of risk to urban society, environment, and economy.
  7. The term "risk society" is not intended to imply an increase of risk in society, but rather a society that is organized in response to risk.
  8. Transcription of a lecture given by Anthony Giddens in Hong-Kong in 1999.

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