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  1. The Red Cross is providing financial support to City Harvest and the Food Bank for New York City to bolster their capacity to serve food packages.
  2. Article with some interesting points about activism and perceptions of the Red Crescent in Iran
  3. 'The report examines the levels of private funding of the different types of humanitarian organisations and illustrates that some of them [private sector firms] contribute more funding to the international humanitarian response than most donor governments. Finally, it looks at the major trends in private funding allocation to recipient countries.'
  4. Initiative that brings together disaster relief experts and software engineers to work on identifying key challenges to disaster relief and developing solutions to these critical issues.
  5. An official website for the district that provides up to date information on relief and response activities and other relevant information, including information about the disaster management department in Saharsa.
  6. 'This briefing paper provides a distillation of the learning from thirty years of humanitarian response to earthquakes, looking at preparedness, relief and recovery.'
  7. Set of podcasts about innovation in disaster management. Sponsored by the Stanford Graduate School of Business Center for Social Innovation.

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