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  1. Guide for prevention, planning, and preparedness that 'shows how interventions can be tailored to reflect the decision-making dynamics of affected populations, and foster their self-sufficiency and productivity over the long term'.
  2. Outline of the overall management structure of the five multi-agency thematic evaluations being undertaken as part of the work of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition.
  3. Transcript of Remarks to UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) regarding recovery efforts in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami by UN Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery President Bill Clinton.
  4. The Disaster Prevention Research Institute was established in 1951 and carries out research on a variety of problems related to the prevention and reduction of natural disasters.
  5. This site outlines "a paradigm shift from Post-disaster reconstruction & relief to Pre-disaster Pro-active approach".
  6. This report "presents a comprehensive overview of the Cuban model of risk reduction in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, and explores what may be adapted from this model in other countries".
  7. A paper from the Benfield Hazard Research Centre outlining Tearfund’s efforts to develop closer links between its emergency and development programming, including undertaking steps to integrate disaster risk reduction into relief and development.
  8. "This report seeks to analyze the underlying causes of continued disaster vulnerability, to showcase best practice from the field and to highlight some of the key issues emerging from the WCDR Conference at Kobe."
  9. This report summarizes the findings of a World Bank mission on disaster management, mitigation, transfer, and financing conducted in Mexico, October 19-28, 1998.
  10. A report intended to improve understanding of "how MFIs can manage disaster risk at the institutional level, and to assess their potential and limitations in increasing the disaster risk management capacity of clients".

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