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  1. Article outlining experience of reconstruction agencies in the Tsunami recovery in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
  2. Natural Resources Canada in collaboration with federal, provincial and municipal governments and organizations developed the FireSmart Program which provides information and guidelines for protecting communities from wildfire. Over 15,000 copies of the manual have been distributed across Canada and internationally. They also provide Community Grant Program for projects to reduce the risk of wildfire in a community.
  3. This national Canadian campaign educates the general public about the risks in their area and encourages them to make a plan and an emergency kit. There are also publications regarding specific hazards and a general guide for business continuity.
  4. The British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety provides information for the general public regarding community emergency planning, response and recovery. There are similar programs in each province.
  5. The Ontario Storm Prediction Center and Environment Canada advise the public by providing special winter weather alerts and information regarding preparedness for weather hazards.
  6. The Seismic Hazard Mitigation Program for High-Risk Buildings in Vancouver, British Columbia is developing a long-term strategy to prepare for and reduce the impact of a major earthquake on seismically vulnerable buildings. Goals include: to educate building owners about the seismic vulnerability of their buildings in the hope that they will upgrade them voluntarily and to provide incentives to encourage owners to upgrade their buildings within a certain time period.
  7. This Chinese Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management in the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Education has created materials to educate students in middle school and at the undergraduate, master and doctorate levels in risk mitigation and preparation. The websites are in the process of being constructed.
  8. A virtual museum created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, dedicated to educating the public about earthquakes in China. For all ages, teaches earthquake risk awareness, preparedness and planning.
  9. This site has lists of what to do before and during disasters, and general information regarding how to be prepared for an emergency. They have also created maps and brochures regarding volcano and flash flood evacuation. The information is available in several languages.
  10. This agency manages the coverage of damages from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, earth slides, avalanches, and floods. All insurance companies that insure property against fire are required to collect a tariff to fund this mandatory catastrophe insurance along with their premiums.

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