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  1. This report examines the levels of donor investment in disaster risk reduction in the top 40 humanitarian recipients over the last 10 years, and compares and contrasts these totals with overall aid figures.
  2. Idea for using USHAHIDI's SMS-based crowd-sourcing platform for disaster prevention and damage mitigation in Istanbul and in other high-risk cities.
  3. Report (in French) prepared for the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in 2005.
  4. A project using mobile technology to tackle the HIV epidemic by encouraging usage of low-cost diagnostic tools; walking patients through the testing process; and guiding them into care should they need it.
  5. Blog seeking to support 'dialogue around disaster preparedness and response, its sociocultural ramifications, related innovative resources and strategies'.
  6. 'Disaster Prevention and Management, An International Journal, sets out to advance the available knowledge in the fields of disaster prevention and management and to act as an integrative agent for extant methodologies and activities relating to disaster emergency and crisis management.'
  7. Review of effectiveness of LA RED programs in Central America in terms of fund leverage, human resource development, institutional strengthening, partnerships, scientific/technical advances, and policy uptake.

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