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  1. Paper proposing the design of a 'Bretton Woods Climate Institution'.
  2. Section from the summary report of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition which alaysizes some of the implcations of the reoritentation of humanitarian assistance more toward community needs and priorities. (The section starts on p. 32 in case the link doesn't open directly there.)
  3. Report to provide a useful contextual background and an overarching set of questions contextualised for the Haiti response that might inform the development of a shared evaluation framework for the earthquake response in Haiti.
  4. Summary of hazard profiles and ongoing disaster risk management programs in 20 high-risk countries around the world.
  5. Finale in a series of articles looking at the implications of an earthquake in Accra.
  6. Eldis aims to share the best in development, policy, practice and research. A wide collection of research papers, documents and tools.
  7. This paper details 10 concepts in complexity science using real world examples and then examines the implications of each concept for those working in the aid world.
  8. Evaluation of a number of poverty reduction strategies papers (PRSPs) in order to identify more effective policy and interventions for both poverty and vulnerability reduction.
  9. Collection of resources on development policy, practice and research.

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