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  1. Collection of essays by urbanists, health and labor economists, and education and housing experts to chart paths out of the immediate emergency situation with proposals for rebuilding the social infrastructure of New Orleans.
  2. A dissertation which identifies and estimates the effect of natural hazards and some economic variables on poverty, as well as assesses the impact of current public and private strategies aimed at reducing economic vulnerability.
  3. Short article about collaboration of Western Union, Radio Shack, and Trumpet Mobile to send remittances via mobile phone.
  4. A list of projects that are bringing new creative energy, attracting tourism, rebuilding homes, overhauling the educational system, and stimulating economic activity to underscore how far the city has come in recovering from Hurricane Katrina.
  5. CEA is a city-sponsored non-profit organization program to significantly reduce energy and water use in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The scheme is planned to have no up-front costs and project financing will be repaid by participants from the energy savings realized through effeciency upgrades.
  6. Wiki set up to corrdinate hurricane response information.
  7. Social networking site on Ning set up for gathering information for Hurricane Gustav but now expanded to address hurricane response more generally.
  8. Report of a survey among local businesses about their levels of awareness and preparedness for natural hazards.
  9. Site providing tools and background information on preparedness and risk management for drought.
  10. Paper looking at how after Hurricane Katrina “the neighborhood surrounding the Mary Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church was showing clear signs of recovery” in contrast to the slow pace of recovery in other areas.

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