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  1. Survey on information used for preparedness and response during Hurricane Isaac.
  2. Article on the current state of the Lower Ninth Ward and the battle to prevent overgrowth of vegetation with the slow rate of housing and economic recovery.
  3. Article on Evacuator, a volunteer program to support disaster evacuation in New Orleans.
  4. Article on community rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina and the benefits for local capacity and services development.
  5. Collection of essays by urbanists, health and labor economists, and education and housing experts to chart paths out of the immediate emergency situation with proposals for rebuilding the social infrastructure of New Orleans.
  6. Article tracing the difficulties of many children to maintain their participation in school after Hurricane Katrina.
  7. Results of a comprehensive in-person survey conducted to give people a channel to express their views of the rebuilding process as it moves forward.
  8. A list of projects that are bringing new creative energy, attracting tourism, rebuilding homes, overhauling the educational system, and stimulating economic activity to underscore how far the city has come in recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

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