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  1. Participatory M&E
  2. GSDRC is a partnership of research institutes, think-tanks and consultancy organisations with expertise in governance, social development, humanitarian and conflict issues. We provide bespoke research and consultancy services in addition to the regularly updated information resources available on this website.
  3. Article on California's efforts to monitor progress based on a law passed on Jan. 1 to charge industries across the economy for the greenhouse gases they emit.
  4. Basic guide handouts designed as introduction to evaluation for those without technical backgrounds
  5. Book brings together the vision, lessons learned and good practices from twenty-one stakeholders on how country-led monitoring and evaluation systems can enhance evidence-based policy making
  6. A global review to collect perspectives from the local level as to how the HFA is progressing, already involving network members in more than forty countries.
  7. Introduction to Outcome Mapping as an integrated and participatory M&E approach.

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