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  1. 04-08-2013 to , by mpetal
  2. Article about both the opportunities and risks for microcredit in responding to disaster events.
  3. Report from a study that created an experimental economics laboratory in a large urban market in Lima, Peru and over 7 months conducted eleven different games to unpack microfinance mechanisms in a systematic way.
  4. Review of Fonkoze's experience with using microfinance as an assistance strategy.
  5. Collection of short essays on the value of microfinance as a tools for reducing disaster vulnerability.
  6. Article discussing the growing private sector interest in microfinance and recent studies that question some of the common assumptions about microfinance.
  7. Paper on lessons learnt and some common features that are found in effective microinsurance products.
  8. Collaborative effort spearheaded by the SEEP Network to develop standards addressing 'strategies and interventions designed to promote enterprises, employment, and cash flow and asset management among affected enterprises and livelihoods in environments affected by conflict or disaster'.
  9. 'This paper attempts to quantify the ill-effects of covariate shocks such as natural disasters on the sustainability of microfinance.'
  10. Mobile application framework for rural developing communities. CAM has been used to track accounts in microfinance schemes and to facilitate local trading.

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