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  1. Article on engaging urban slum communities to strengthen information flows and enable new and better solutions for community resilience.
  2. Essay on how our 'sense of place' in relation to disaster events is evolving. The essay looks especially at how the stream of posts on Twitter evolved as the triple disaster in Japan developed after the March 2011 earthquake.
  3. A program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters by mapping neighborhood capacities as well as areas of vulnerability and special need.
  4. Article on a 'digital mapping project that allows the youth to create digital maps of their communities and then interact with that map by publicly tagging the issues they see. This cutting-edge mapping platform enables real-time data collection through web and mobile applications.'
  5. 08-08-2012 to , , , by ian odonnell
  6. Tool to analyze future post-disaster shelter recovery needs in relation to flood risk as well as to manage information about on-going risks after a disaster and their implications for shelter planning.

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