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  1. Collaborative community for FEMA stakeholders to suggest and respond to ideas about emergency preparedness, disaster response and recovery, and other emergency management topics.
  2. Understanding Risk (UR) is a global forum that brings together experts and practitioners in disaster risk assessment.
  3. Article on teaching design approaches to high school students.
  4. Slideshow of innovative solutions for finding space for urban gardening.
  5. Online game developed by the Institute for the Future and the World Bank Institute to help participants develop skills and solutions to world problems. The 10-week game is free to play and begins March 3. Players will complete 10 missions and 10 quests — one a week .
  6. Initiative that brings together disaster relief experts and software engineers to work on identifying key challenges to disaster relief and developing solutions to these critical issues.
  7. Blog post higlighting the American Red Cross' communications on the Haitian earthquake relief effort.

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