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  1. Article on cost-benefit implications of protecting electricity infrastructure pre-disaster vs. post disaster reconstruction.
  2. An article reviewing progress to date in Haiti's reconstruction and the impediments that have prevented faster progress and greater service to those displaced by the earthquake.
  3. Article outlining the damage to sewage treatment plants by Hurricane Sandy and the continued risks to sewage treatment plants in other locations.
  4. Set of publication, training resources, and tools from US Dept. of Homeland Security to support critical infrastructure protection.
  5. Guide designed to help emergency management personnel design better infrastructure protection programs in collaboration with others in the US Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS), other Federal agencies, and the private sector.
  6. Article on the current state of the Lower Ninth Ward and the battle to prevent overgrowth of vegetation with the slow rate of housing and economic recovery.
  7. 'This paper provides a methodology and a set of indicators for measuring baseline characteristics of communities that foster resilience.'
  8. An ongoing 'conversation' hosted by Wired magazine about technology, infrastructure, and the future of Haiti.

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