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  1. A humanitarian aid agency supporting the transitional settlement and shelter of populations affected by conflict and natural disasters, supporting human rights, dignity, protection, health, environment, and livelihoods.
  2. Posting by Witold Rybczynski looking at lessons from past attempts to provide emergency shelter and housing to victims of disasters.
  3. Article examining government's plan to provide transitional housing for tens of thousands of hurricane evacuees.
  4. Page outinling AIA Disaster Assistance Program to offer help with damage assessment and long term recovery as the organization has done in previous major natural disasters.
  5. This is a housing services hub for Katrina victims. You can offer up housing space for victims, or hurricane survivors can search for available rooms/houses/apts/etc.
  6. Blog post outlining possibility for developing a web-based mapping system to serve as a clearinghouse for offers of housing and ridesharing for hurricane victims. Also includes some ideas for addressing trust issues.
  7. Matchning service to allow people to offer to share their homes with victims from Hurricane Katrina.
  8. Overview of completed and planned actions by US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development in response to Hurricane Katrina.
  9. A matching service provided by MoveOn.org to allow peope to offer housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  10. Article about a "super-simple, brickmaking machine near Austin, Texas [that can] kick out an incredible 3,500 concrete bricks in just one hour".

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