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  1. Article highlighting the short-term and long-term housing challenges in the Hurricane Sandy response and recovery.
  2. Article about how the New York Fire Department is reconsidering some long-held ideas on how to fight fires in response to changes in furnishings which are causing faster burning and hotter fires.
  3. Guide to participatory recovery planning. Useful points include the notion of "thinking big", exploring multiple options for driving recovery, and identifying the "recovery value" for each option.
  4. Blog essay outlining innovative and visionary community recovery planning in response to the April 20, 2004 tornado in North Utica, Illinois. Includes interesting details about effort to bring together diverse funding sources to support the recovery plan.
  5. Article on the current state of the Lower Ninth Ward and the battle to prevent overgrowth of vegetation with the slow rate of housing and economic recovery.
  6. Article on legal ruling finding US Army Corps of Engineers liable for damage to homes during Hurricane Katrina for failure to perform maintenance on canal.
  7. An open platform hosted by the Social Science Research Council for promoting collaboration and information sharing among those studying Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.
  8. Article on community rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina and the benefits for local capacity and services development.
  9. Strategy document summarizing the many sheltering and housing capabilities, principles, and policies that guide and inform the disaster housing process in the US.

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