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  1. A framework for analysis and action to reduce vulnerability and strengthen the resilience of individuals, households and communities.
  2. Manual for trainers, practitioners and facilitators from local government authorities, civil society organizations, academic institutions and women’s groups and communities to help harness the capacities of both women and men in addressing vulnerable conditions and protecting themselves, their families and communities against hazards.
  3. Paper exploring the impacts of climate change and the costs for adaptation that will have to be absorbed by both households and the public sector. The paper makes some interesting points about the potential for increased education and empowerment for women and girls to drive reductions in the vulnerability of affected communities.
  4. This document presents tools and methodologies to conduct analysis of the socio-economic effects of natural disasters in the Caribbean from a gender perspective;
  5. Study based on a Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI) that examines both the potential impact of natural hazards and which populations are most likely to be negatively affected.
  6. A diverse coalition of over 50 organizations and 25,000 individuals united in the belief that women are the key to ending global poverty.
  7. Video developed to highlight the importance of gender issues in the wake of tsunami rebuilding.

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