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  1. Children's book written by Lucy Bromer and Caroline Crowley as their Master’s thesis while studying social work and disaster mental health at Tulane University. The book is intended to promote conversation and understanding among children who have lived through the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Tri-lingual version in Creole, French, and English.
  2. Case tudy from the Emegency Capacity Building project's experience using emergency simulations to improve humanitarian response.
  3. Resultats de quelques forums de « praticiens » dans le but d’examiner et de recueillir des informations sur les bonnes pratiques dans l’évaluation de la vulnérabilité et des capacités (EVC) et d’en tirer des enseignements.
  4. Une série de 14 notes d’orientation destinées aux organisations de développement pour leur permettre d'adapter leurs outils de programmation afin d’intégrer la réduction des risques dans les activités de développement des pays exposés aux aléas naturels.
  5. Issue of Focal Point newsletter from the Canadian Foundation for the Americas on development in Haiti. Articles available in both English and French.
  6. Report (in French) prepared for the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in 2005.
  7. A tool developed by the Swiss government for guiding the identification of risks to development projects from natural hazards and comparing potential invesments in different risk reduction measures.
  8. Code of practical ethics for PGIS practitioners, facilitators, technology intermediaries and researchers. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swahili, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Modern, Bangla, Tamil, Hindi, Persian Dari, and Arabic.

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