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  1. Article about how the New York Fire Department is reconsidering some long-held ideas on how to fight fires in response to changes in furnishings which are causing faster burning and hotter fires.
  2. Online course developed by the US Department of Agriculture.
  3. This project of the Geneva Association produces a series of reports on direct and indirect losses, deaths, and operation of fire fighting organizations and fire insurance programs.
  4. Against the Fire. Basic information about fire, fire suppression, and prevention.
  5. How to Postpone a Forest Fire
  6. "The BullsEye system uses laser technology to simulate the discharge of a dry chemical extinguisher for a completely clean, safe and effective training experience."
  7. 'Adapting methodology from resilience theory in ecology' the article develops 'an empirical model of the response of the New York City public health ecosystem to sudden disaster'.


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