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  1. GSDRC is a partnership of research institutes, think-tanks and consultancy organisations with expertise in governance, social development, humanitarian and conflict issues. We provide bespoke research and consultancy services in addition to the regularly updated information resources available on this website.
  2. The Centre for Development Impact (CDI) contributes to learning and innovation in the field of impact evaluation, through the use of appropriate, mixed method, and robust evaluation designs. It is a joint initiative between IDS and ITAD.
  3. Climate-Eval.org is the online platform of the Climate-Eval community of practice. It is a venue for members to share information on the latest development on the evaluation of climate change and development interventions.
  4. Analysis of preparedness marketing activities of California Earthquake Authority, including co-branding project with American Red Cross.
  5. Results of a Special Evaluation Study by ADB's Independent Evaluation Department of ADB's policies and programs related to disaster risk management.
  6. lessons and a contribution to exchanges of views.
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