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  1. Facebook site for citizen science project to colelct and anlyze soil samples from areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to evaluate levels of contamination by hazardous materials as a result of the flooding.
  2. Article on a citizen science project called Send Us Your Dirt From Sandy (SUDS) that is soliciting samples from areas affected by Sandy to check for soil contamination as a result of the storm surge and flooding.
  3. Article about the impact of extreme year-to-year variations in acorn yields.
  4. A tool which uses Google Earth and a wide range of satellite imagery to monitor aspect's of the Earth's environment, e.g. changes in vegetation, forestation, and water surface area.
  5. An iPhone app that encourages people to help monitor the health of local creeks and watersheds, including amount of water, rate of flow, amount of trash, and a photo.
  6. FAO is calling for international donors to support a $700 million investment plan in the agricultural sector drawn up by the Haitian government to repair earthquake damaged infrastructure, boost national food production and create employment for people fleeing Port-au-Prince.
  7. Website with tools and resources for city management, governance, and finance solutions in urban environments to promote local economic growth, health, environmental sustainability, security, and access to housing, infrastructure and services
  8. Guide designed to assist environment officials with finding the means of financing environmental protection initiatives. The tools themselves could be more widely relevant for other development, DRR, and adaptation goals.

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