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  1. 19-12-2012 to , , by mpetal
  2. Article on the impact of the growing use of air-conditioners on global warming and how improvements in ozone protection may be worsening global warming.
  3. The Vulnerability Network provides an online knowledge portal for different sectors and stresses, linking researchers and practitioners. Find interesting and useful reading and reference material - the Document Hotel contains hundreds of journal papers, reports, briefing notes, etc.
  4. CEA is a city-sponsored non-profit organization program to significantly reduce energy and water use in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The scheme is planned to have no up-front costs and project financing will be repaid by participants from the energy savings realized through effeciency upgrades.
  5. Guide developed by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Australian government.
  6. Simple simulator for exploring choices around meeting future energy demand.
  7. "A comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy".

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