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  1. 'This guide has been developed to assist councils’ with the required accounting recognition, measurement and disclosure requirements that may arise as a result of a natural disaster.'
  2. Applying several methods of analysis to the most comprehensive existing global dataset of natural disaster loss, the authors find no significant upward trends in normalized disaster damage over the period 1980–2009 globally, regionally, or for specific disaster types.
  3. A paper examining the short and long-run average causal impact of catastrophic natural disasters on economic growth which found that only extremely large disasters have a negative effect on output, both in the short and long run
  4. Paper examining the interplay between agglomeration and exposure to disaster risk.
  5. 29-01-2010 to , , by mpetal
  6. 19-01-2010 to , by mpetal
  7. A report by Paul Collier, author of 'The Bottom Billion', for the Secretary-General of the United Nations

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