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  1. Booklet to explain to governments, decision makers and disaster professionals the potential uses of geoinformation technologies for reducing disaster risks and losses, based on the knowledge and experience of experts in these fields.
  2. A centralized listing of links to disaster loss databases worldwide.
    17-07-2012 to , , , by ian odonnell
  3. Resources section of the ACAPS website on Better Assessment - Better Aid. Includes useful reference materials on data visualization.
  4. Article on the the potential downside of open data initiatives in which technology can amplify existing inequalities.
  5. Data visualization service that builds on the Trendalyzer tool developed by Hans Rosling. Includes data sets from the World Bank, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, World Resources Institute, and others.
  6. Blog discussing video from Robert Kirkpatrick of the UN’s Global Pulse team who is talking about how United Nations agencies would like to use big data to search for crises in real-time.
  7. Includes seven core data sets that drive GHA's analysis, mapping and quantifying of the financing flows to humanitarian crises.
  8. Center sutdying the impact of the increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics on the design and operation of cities.

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