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  1. Blog posting on the use of social media in the phases of disaster management, including some thoughts on using a more delineated set of phases.
  2. Description of the response to the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Mentions some issues around repurposing funds donated for the earthquake response.
  3. A website which 'site details the efforts of InterAction members and others in the NGO community to help those affected by the earthquake and assist Haiti with its recovery'. The site is also developing a Food Security Aid Map which is due to be released in March 2011.
  4. Website to facilitate communication and collaboration among UN and other actors to respond to the 2010 floods in Pakistan.
  5. Case study of the national disaster law and policies, regional, bilateral and international agreements, declarations and regulations regarding the disaster response law in Turkey within the framework of the 1999 Marmara Earthquake.
  6. Wiki set up to corrdinate hurricane response information.
  7. Social networking site on Ning set up for gathering information for Hurricane Gustav but now expanded to address hurricane response more generally.
  8. Infomration system developed by the Government of Bihar with support from the World Bank agreed as part of a broader water sector partnership and action plan.
  9. Models and operational procedures for CCM
  10. Article by Jack Harrald arguing that command-and-control and improvisation approaches to disaster maangement are not in opposition, but form orthogonal dimensions of discipline and agility that must both be achieved.

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