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  1. The Canadian Red Cross provides information on how to be prepared for emergencies. They also teach Quakesafe, a personal preparedness course and first aid classes, as well as selling first aid and emergency kits.
  2. RCSC has held disaster relief training workshops and first aid training.
  3. IRC has training for course leaders in emergency response.
  4. IRCS has started a Diploma Course in Disaster Preparedness and Rehabilitation aimed at increasing the capacity of the managers in Government and Private Sector for effective disaster response and rehabilitation. They are also finalizing a Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) model for the Training of Trainers.
  5. SSS in India under its Community Initiatives in Disaster Risk Reduction works actively in 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh State, covering almost 100 villages. They focus on community capacity building by providing school training, mangrove development, preparedness classes, response information, a community disaster relief fund, and awareness camps.
  6. StC in India is working with 40 villages in Rajasthan to establish village level committees comprised of local leaders, Panchayat members, teachers and children. These committees meet once a month to work on issues pertaining to drought in their villages.
  7. SEEDS has several sustainable community initiatives, including disaster reduction awareness, cyclone preparedness drills, and safe construction practices.
  8. VHA of India through the Aparajita Orissa Project and Aparajita Andamans Project aims at empowering the local community and build their capacity to recover from devastation and prepare for future natural disasters.
  9. AIDMI addresses risk reduction for the poor.
  10. IRC provides first aid training for their staff and volunteers.

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