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  1. Tool to analyze future post-disaster shelter recovery needs in relation to flood risk as well as to manage information about on-going risks after a disaster and their implications for shelter planning.
  2. Booklet to explain to governments, decision makers and disaster professionals the potential uses of geoinformation technologies for reducing disaster risks and losses, based on the knowledge and experience of experts in these fields.
  3. Resources section of the ACAPS website on Better Assessment - Better Aid. Includes useful reference materials on data visualization.
  4. Blog discussing video from Robert Kirkpatrick of the UN’s Global Pulse team who is talking about how United Nations agencies would like to use big data to search for crises in real-time.
  5. Results of a two-round Delphi process run with 36 experts from around to world o develop a list of 86 threats in 11 categories important for the next decade which were felt to be not currently receiving adequate planning or adequate development of mitigation options.
  6. A tool which uses Google Earth and a wide range of satellite imagery to monitor aspect's of the Earth's environment, e.g. changes in vegetation, forestation, and water surface area.
  7. Study based on a Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI) that examines both the potential impact of natural hazards and which populations are most likely to be negatively affected.
  8. Semantic text analysis tools
  9. Swivel is a service where the public can upload and explore data.

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