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  1. 23-10-2012 to , , by mpetal
  2. Artcile suggesting urban renewal in Aba, Nigeria, making part of the case on the protection of roads from flooding.
  3. Visualisation to show the distribution of tweets in Africa.
  4. Article about launch of the Sino-Africa Red Cross and Red Crescent Forum through which the China Red Cross is providing support to Red Cross national societies in Africa.
  5. Evaluation note prepared by the the World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) to reflect on relevant experience applicable to the West African floods.
  6. Finale in a series of articles looking at the implications of an earthquake in Accra.
  7. Descirption of UN-Habitat's use of revolving funds through Local Finance Facilities to support housing development and reconstruction.
  8. Program to foster mobile phone-related research and entrepreneurship.

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